The news today (20th February) is that the Gambling Commission has fined William Hill a whopping £6.2m
penalty for breaching anti-money-laundering and social responsibility regulations.


In the first instance, “10 customers were able to deposit money linked to criminal offences from which William Hill
gained £1.2m” and in the second instance, William Hill’s controls were insufficient, allowing customers to bet with
money they obviously did not have.   In these latter instances, virtually no review was made on the customers’
financial standing, one of whom was stealing from his employer to fund his gambling habit.


The Chief Executive of William Hill, in a statement made the following assertion:


"We are fully committed to operating a sustainable business that properly identifies risk and better protects customers.”


"We will continue to assist the Commission and work with other operators to improve practices in the areas identified."


What a pity they didn’t think of this before.   How many more companies have been operating in the same way?


“The government is now weeks away from a crucial decision on fixed-odds betting terminals, the gambling machines
found in high-street bookmakers up and down the country. The maximum stake could be cut from £100 to as low as £2.” 
  Let us hope that the Government will now act on FOBTs.



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We are pleased to publish the minutes of our very successful Public Meeting on 23rd January -

 held at The New Malden Methodist Church.  Our thanks go to the speakers:


PC Daniel Graham, Dedicated Beverley Ward Officer, Metropolitan Police

PC Mike Brown, Dedicated Beverley Ward Officer, Metropolitan Police



Jackie McConochie, Station Manager, Surbiton and New Malden Fire Station

Graham Adams, Senior Fire Safety Officer



Clive Messenger, Energy Saving Manager, South West London Environment Network (SWLEN) - Energy Saving Service. 

Joe Brennan, Managing Director, JJP Green Energy


Please read on - the questions asked and the expert answers given make food for thought about the safety and comfort of all our homes.


Dropped Curbs and Parking


Over the years the most recurring complaint presented to us has been parking across a drive/dropped curb - either blocking entry or exit to property.
John Knowles, treasurer of this Association has taken on board all the members emails and done exhaustive research to produce a report with acknowledged help from - local Police - the Borough - the Mayor and Department of Transport - We are also grateful to our MP, Edward Davey who made several of the contacts on our behalf.
Our local Police have approved the report, it has also been forwarded to the National Association of Residents Associations for discussion at the AGM.
Please READ on




'A budget for all Kingstonians:
Kingston Council freezes council tax'

  ......Read On

Cross Rail 2

Crossrail 2

 Following a meeting with this Association and Gavin Cambridge, who is the 'Local Consultation Engagement Officer' for this project, several points were discussed including:

  • Crossrail 2 is proposing to install additional track between Wimbledon and New Malden. These would benefit all users of the line, providing more local stopping services as well as opening up more train paths into Waterloo for fast services, creating a less-congested and more reliable railway. Further information can be found on the 'Impact on New Malden' link below.
  •  The level crossing at Elm Road would need to be closed as part of the Crossrail 2 proposals, and an alternative crossing provided. This could be either a bridge, underpass or a diversion. Further information will be available during the next round of consultation. We will be undertaking a full Transport Assessment in advance of Hybrid Bill submission, and this would detail how any proposed alternative would affect the local road network.

and the following statement issued:

 Crossrail 2 has recently submitted an updated Strategic Outline Business Case to the Department for Transport. It builds on the 2015 business case and outlines how Crossrail 2 will improve public transport for the wider south east. We are now awaiting the Transport Secretary’s approval of the business case so that we can move to the next stage of the project’s design. Once we have approval, we intend to consult on revised proposals in the near future.

 With increased frequencies as a result of Crossrail 2, it will be impractical and unsafe to retain the level crossings at Elm Road, West Barnes Lane and Motspur Park. We are currently investigating ways to intervene at these locations and provide a fixed permanent replacement to improve connectivity and reduce congestion on the road network. Plans will be shared during the next round of consultation, where we would welcome feedback from the public on the plans as they stand at the time.

Impact on New Malden 

Current proposals can be found on the Crossrail 2 website,



New Malden Residents Association, Fountain Pub



We really want to hear your views on the wider subject of Developments in and around New Malden.

Tidying our streets.....

We are always campaigning and taking action on litter.
A further blight on our streets is abandoned cars.
One member has had success 
in getting abandoned cars
removed. In the past 9 months, 4 
have been cleared
from just 3 of his local roads. He has passed on two

easy steps which will get results.

Spot the signs:
Abandoned car signs

Abandoned car

Go on line HERE with the registration number
and vehicle make to check the 
of: Insurance - MOT and whether taxed.

If not legal to be on the road go on line HERE
with the vehicle location and you can report.
The removal time will depend on the type of
law infringement - you will have done well
and another eye sore will be removed from our
This last link enables you to report all manner
of highway problems to the Council.


UPDATE: We have managed to secure the help of Ed Davey MP
and will report our progress soon.

Drive Parking


This is quite a thorny problems, especially, of course, for those people
fortunate enough to have a driveway.   No-one at the present time seems
to want to take responsibility for removing offending vehicles.  
Our Committee is continuing its enquiries, both to the Council and to the Police,
to find out what redress the owner of the property has if his/her car is blocked in.  
For a fuller report, please read our previous entry.

New Malden Future Group

There has been some misinformation about this Group in the past.   A full listing of the members of the Group which come from the NM Residents’ Association, The Groves Association, the Community of New Malden Businesses and concerned residents, can be found HERE  This Group does not receive any money from the Council and, in fact, pays for printing and any other expenses from members’ own pockets.   We have worked with the Council, and residents, over the past two years to ensure that Cocks Crescent does not end up just another down at heel” town centre, that continues to blight so many of our towns and cities throughout the UK.  We, along with everyone else we imagine, hope that the Council does not go back on its word to continue working with residents on this project.    It is an opportunity for architecture and the building trade to do something that does not end up being blocks of flats with absolutely no design merits and which could overshadow existing buildings in the centre.   New Malden is not the most stunning small town in the UK - but we should be enhancing what we have and not using second rate development that continues to blight our country.  
Good design has got to be essential.


Go Cycle - Update

Change the way


Another issue that is giving the Council, and residents, somewhat of a headache.  

At the present time, there is the New Malden to Raynes Park Cycle/Pedestrian 

route and Kingston Road - New Malden to Kingston town.  

Two members of the NMRA are meeting with Neil West (Project Manager, Go Cycle ) 

and Ben Addy of Sustrans on 11th October to discuss the latter route and also Crossrail 2. 

A full report of this meeting with be published on our website.

As far as the Kingston to New Malden route is concerned, there will be a stakeholder 

meeting in Autumn 2017 and after detailed design work is carried out, a report will

go to committee in Spring 2018.


Go Cycle consultations page

Go Cycle - The Route

Kingston Rd Rail Bridge -Please don't feed the pigeons

25th September 2017 - UPDATE

The clean up of the Kingston Road Railway Bridge, started in July 2017, could not be completed as the size the problem was much greater than at first realised by Tfl.   However, Tfl ( Transport for London) have now met with a Councillor and two Officers of the Council and a plan of work is being drawn up and will be discussed with the Council.   For more details, please follow this link:

Further updates as and when we have the meantime we are trying to find the mystery crumb scatterer....this action are just making the situation worse....if you know the person may be a friendly word of discouragement. 

Feeding pigeons


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