Successful final litter pick of 2019

Saturday 30th November was a cold, but sunny day and the last litter pick of 2019 for the Association and volunteers. We had a good turn out of helpers and more children this time than usual who put the new childrens litter pickers to use. Magnus the Great Dane who, although not interested in picking up rubbish, loved romping around with Isobel on the Blagdon Open Space after the Blagdon group had picked litter along the high street, bushes outside the Malden Centre and in the park.

Meanwhile another group worked their way along The Cut which has vastly improved since the quarterly litter picks began in 2018, however it was a shame to see the newly planted flower beds at the beginning of the GoCycle Path to Raynes Park strewn with cans and bottles. Once again we are asking the Council for more bins in areas such as this which we feel would make a difference.



The children's prize for the best fancy dress went to the little girl who unfortunately left before we could hand it over so if her father could contact us, we will be pleased to give her the Suttles Voucher for £10. This money was contributed jointly by the Residents' Association and Suttles.


Thanks to Suttles for their donation and Nandos who, again, very kindly provided the litter picker volunteers with refreshments after finishing - which was very welcome.

Thank you to all the volunteers that gave their time to help and doing such a thorough job.

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Our High Street and the rubbish dumped there

Submitted by a committee member.

For the past almost four months, I have been photographing the rubbish in the High Street and sending the photos to the Council.  
Other than a few responses about what the Council "might" do, nothing has changed.   Apparently there is a new regime coming in,
in October that the Council "hope" might improve the situation.    I don't know what the majority of people in New Malden think
about piles of rubbish in their High Street, but I find it deplorable that our Council cannot ensure that Traders and some residents
do not fly tip, leaving the pavements looking like a dump.   Also in the "Local Plan" literature, the question is asked (in so many words)
"how we can attract  visitors to our shopping centres" - not, I would suggest, by allowing rubbish as in the photograph below to blight our High Street.

 New malden residents - rubbish

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