The blight of rubbish on our streets seems to be ever increasing........
Street Rubbish Aug 2019

Report anything unaceptable to our council HERE

09:36, 12 Aug 2019 by Natalie Walton

Cocks Crescent Report Feb 2019

Reprinted from The RBK Website:

Latest news

A recent report produced by Create Streets for Kingston Council outlines recommendations for the redevelopment
of the Cocks Crescent site, located between Malden Leisure Centre and Blagdon Road car park in New Malden.
This follows a process of resident engagement at the end of last year.

It outlines thoughts on delivering homes, as well as a modern leisure centre and recommends that the council continues 
to work together with local people to develop plans for the wider New Malden area.

We will build on the work carried out with residents and communities during the development of the 
Cocks Crescent Supplementary Planning Document (2017) to bring the most benefit to the wider area.  

Engagement events are currently being planned for the spring to start work on the designs and plans for the area.
Further details will be announced in the coming weeks to encourage as many local people as possible to be involved and input into the plans.


Please read the report and let us know your views on the proposals > HERE 

or email:

Further background information can be found >HERE


Cock Crescent Ariel View






12:16, 20 Feb 2019 by Natalie Walton

Telephone Box

For a couple of years we have tried, without success to find the owners of this redundant eye sore.....
Seeing workmen there the other morning I thought our letters had landed on the right desk...... they seem to have woken someone up, as a new phone is being installed in the much cleaned box outside Apex Tower / Groves Residential shop. We will make sure they maintain it in a clean and useable state.


09:50, 08 Dec 2018 by Natalie Walton


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