Nov Litter

All hands on deck for clearing the Cut again.........all the pictures HERE

14:26, 25 Nov 2018 by Natalie Walton

29th Rubish


Another successful collaboration between ourselves and Kingston Environment Centre.

Thank you to those who eagerly assembled at Green Lane on Saturday morning. 
Newly designed Hi-Viz jackets were worn with pride. Items found to vary on each outing -
this time a wallet - driving licence - a very usable child's bicycle -a new black jacket - 
and a lot of ‘Thank You’s’ were collected and lots of things you really do not want to know about.

As always the conclusion was reached that more bins are needed at various locations, 
we will keep the pressure on for these sites to be adopted.

When it was taken to the tip it amounted to over ‘Half a Ton’ which was carefully sorted 
and put in the correct recycling areas.

Well done to you all.

You can see the photo's HERE


15:43, 29 Sep 2018 by Natalie Walton

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