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The Fountain pub development was considered at Development Control Committee on 19th July, and two of us (Liz Meerabeau and Anthony Evans) spoke against it. The application is for the restoration of the pub (including the removal of the single storey extension) and building 45 flats, in a 3-4 and 4-5 storey building along Burlington Road. 9 of the flats are ‘affordable’ and 6 ‘intermediate’ in price.

Such is the demand for housing locally that the size of a development is unlikely to lead to rejection, even though the administration in its election material recognised the risk of New Malden being swamped with hundreds of new flats. However, several councillors were concerned about the design, particularly the building adjacent to the pub, in a so-called ‘modern’ flat-roofed style and finished in a very shouty red brick. They thought the building damaged the street scene, and said that ‘New Malden deserves better than that’. The outcome was a deferral, possibly to the September meeting, with RBK working closely with the applicant to improve the design.

The chair, Cllr Bamford, also recalled the petition two years ago to save the Fountain roundabout, so there was a hint that there may be some section 106 money to improve the roundabout.

 Overall, the best outcome we were likely to get.

Liz Meerabeau

New Malden Residents Association.

Further reading:

The detailed planning application and images

Artists impression from The Roundabout

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13:18, 21 Jul 2018 by Natalie Walton


    • 16th November - exhibition presented at the Malden Centre for Gracilis Ltd. Owners of the site since 2007.
    • Following feedback from our members and Website, we requested a meeting.
    • 22nd November - Meeting declined as proposed plans are under review.
    • We remain in touch with the Senior Associate Director of Planning - PRC - and continue to represent our member's views.
    • You can let us have your views either by email or HERE

Below, the proposal, which is under review

Fountain Artist impression, New Malden Residents Assoiation

08:46, 27 Nov 2017 by Natalie Walton

New Malden Residents Association, Fountain pub

09:13, 16 Nov 2017 by Natalie Walton


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