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09:13, 16 Nov 2017 by Natalie Walton

Car Lot

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Kingston Council Planning Application 17/14193


Planning Application for 17-19 Dukes Avenue was approved at the 
Malden & Coombe Neighbourhood Committee held on 12
th September. 
To see what has been passed read The full application link below. 
This development will have absolutely no parking provided as it is 
deemed that adequate parking is available and obviously because 
it is so near to the station and bus routes. There “might” be a provision, 
however, that in the event of a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) Scheme 
eventually being put in place, owners/tenants would not be allowed to hold a permit. 
This will not, of course, prevent people living there owning a car!   

 The full Minutes of this Meeting are not yet published (24/9/2017)




09:04, 14 Nov 2017 by Natalie Walton

And here’s one from me- ‘Ideas above your station’. According to the Standard Surbiton has been identified as one of the stations with ‘most potential for densification so they will all be having conniptions over there. I haven’t read it yet to see what they say about NM.

08:45, 23 Sep 2017 by Natalie Walton

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