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New Malden and Crossrail 

So little has been heard about Crossrail 2 for over a year, perhaps you have forgotten about it. The journal Modern Railways for March 2017 contained a good factual article on the intentions. Start of work is not stated, but the complete CR2  is expected to open in 2033. It is considered that CR2 will promote or encourage the building of 200,000 homes, more in the North East, the Lea Valley, than here in the South-West. However Jockey Club Racecourses, which own Kempton Park Racecourse, intends to sell that racecourse to developers who intend building 3000 homes (Guardian and Daily Telegraph 10th January 2017), and Spelthorne Borough Council has expressed itself in favour.     Kempton Park is served by the Shepperton trains which also serve New Malden).  READ ON....

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10:22, 14 Sep 2017 by Natalie Walton

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