Parking Manners

Beverley dedicated officers, have been asked on numerous 
occasions by members of the public, what action can be taken 
for inconsiderate parking, blocking of a driveway?
Check HERE


Further information supplied by M.E.T.  HERE 

09:39, 12 Aug 2019 by Michael Freeman

Bike Check Aug 19

09:37, 12 Aug 2019 by Michael Freeman

The blight of rubbish on our streets seems to be ever increasing........
Street Rubbish Aug 2019

Report anything unaceptable to our council HERE

09:36, 12 Aug 2019 by Michael Freeman

Cocks Crescent

Frances, Liz, Andrew Bolton and James Giles all attended the workshop on 27th July at the Malden Centre. This time round, three scenarios are proposed; 150-200 homes, 300-350 (the range in the 2017 SPD), and 350-400. The last one, despite being so large, would have a refurbished Malden Centre with a loss of access over a considerable time, so would be unpopular on two counts.


Many people favoured the second scenario as it would generate more money for public benefit, and we think there should be investment from other pots of money in RBK (and Merton!) since the Malden Centre is used by the whole borough. Users of the Centre haven’t yet been consulted.


Again, several of us thought that to properly address housing need in RBK, the Council should consider being the developer- no money swallowed up in dividends to shareholders.


Traffic modelling hasn’t been done yet; we pointed out that it needs specific data from NM. A recent TfL report on trends in travel behaviour was referenced, but that has only aggregated outer London data.


When (if) we get a report of the workshop we’ll circulate it.

18:54, 31 Jul 2019 by Michael Freeman


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