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Tuesday 2nd April - 7pm for a 7:30 start  

                New Malden Methodist Church
            49 High St, New Malden, KT3 4BY


 Princess Alice Mar 19

Mia Patterson -  Compassionate Communities Lead at Princess Alice Hospice



 Staywell - Mar 2019Connected Kingston Mar 2019

Tulloch Kempe-  Staywell -social prescribing - Connect Kingston



 Kingston poundLove Kingston

Julie Pickering - Kingston Pound and Love Kingston


Following the opening music - Andrew Connolly gives a very interesting insight to
Money and the Kingston Pound.



13:16, 08 Apr 2019 by Michael Freeman

The unvailing of the 15 mtr Mosaic on Saturday 23rd ~March was a great success....

16:57, 25 Mar 2019 by Michael Freeman

Recieved by our Chair Liz Meerabeau from  Cllr Simon Edwards

Dear Liz,

I have just had a meeting with the regeneration team to discuss Cocks Crescent.

There is a new member of that team so they now have the human resources available to get this going. He joined 2 weeks ago.

They are also putting in a bid to the capital resources committee (internal) for the necessary funding.

The aim is to start with the first Neighbourhood Forum on 21 May when general neighbourhood plans will be discussed and that will include CC (albeit at a fairly general level at that stage).

Then there will be 2-3 design workshops where the public will be invited to comment upon various different possible schemes. These will be more detailed and, before the workshops, work will be done to establish what is practical/viable so that the public is not presented with something too vague and conceptual.

This should enable RBK to start the marketing process to find a JV partner by October 2019. Initial work on the latter aspect of the project will start now.

I also pressed the team to look into possible temporary uses for the cleared site pending development.

I will have another meeting with the team before Easter.

We also discussed the closure of Tudor Williams. They are working on RBK's view of its future and will approach TW to see what their plans are. We discussed ideas such as workshops/craft and design units on the upper floors but we need to know what TW plans first.

In other news, we have been able to get a friends of group going for the Home Zone and our next action day is 11 May.

Best wishes



St James Ward

Chair Malden  & Coombes Neighbourhood Committee

Your privacy is important. For my privacy statement and policies as a councillor please follow this link

09:45, 19 Mar 2019 by Michael Freeman


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