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If you attended the exhibition organised by the developers for the public-house, it's grounds and car park and would like to make a comment please email us at: or respond via the 'CONTACT US' tab on this site.

Information as and when we have it will be published here, also watch the 'NMRA-LATEST NEWS' tap.

We really want to hear your views on the wider subject of Developments in and around New Malden.

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South Western Railway will be making some major changes to train services in the December 2018 timetable. The proposals have been developed with extensive input from customers and stakeholders; who asked for added peak capacity and faster services, earlier and later trains and more Sunday services. These are just some of the benefits you will see when the timetable begins on 9th December 2018. ...... Read On

  • Wednesday 29th November - PM 16:30 - 19:30 at Surbiton




30th October 2017


Our AGM was held at the New Malden Methodist Church and was very well attended by members past and present together with many New Malden residents. We had asked Ed Davey, our current M.P., to be our guest speaker. We submitted a number of questions to him canvassed from our members or submitted via our website.

The first half of the meeting was taken up with Association ‘housekeeping’ and the Chairperson’s report on our activities during the year, these details will be in the full minutes of the AGM to be distributed shortly to members.

A number of new members joined the Association and two new Committee members came forward, one will be taking on the secretarial role.

Several matters were raised by the audience before the arrival of Ed Davey and some of these will be taken up with the Council.

Ed Davey arrived at 8 pm and proceeded to deal with the questions previously submitted. Many of his responses prompted further comments from the audience and we finally closed the meeting at 9.20 pm.

The opinion of our Committee was that the AGM was very successful and shows that our Residents’ Association is an essential part of New Malden, supporting and working with residents on the many issues facing our community.



Kingston Rd Rail Bridge -Please don't feed the pigeons

25th September 2017 - UPDATE

The clean up of the Kingston Road Railway Bridge, started in July 2017, could not be completed as the size the problem was much greater than at first realised by Tfl.   However, Tfl ( Transport for London) have now met with a Councillor and two Officers of the Council and a plan of work is being drawn up and will be discussed with the Council.   For more details, please follow this link:

Further updates as and when we have the meantime we are trying to find the mystery crumb scatterer....this action are just making the situation worse....if you know the person may be a friendly word of discouragement. 

Feeding pigeons


Free Wi Fi across the Borough… on


Free Wi Fi across the Borough

Tidying our streets.....

We are always campaigning and taking action on litter.
A further blight on our streets is abandoned cars.
One member has had success 
in getting abandoned cars
removed. In the past 9 months, 4 
have been cleared
from just 3 of his local roads. He has passed on two

easy steps which will get results.

Spot the signs:
Abandoned car signs

Abandoned car

Go on line HERE with the registration number
and vehicle make to check the 
of: Insurance - MOT and whether taxed.

If not legal to be on the road go on line HERE
with the vehicle location and you can report.
The removal time will depend on the type of
law infringement - you will have done well
and another eye sore will be removed from our
This last link enables you to report all manner
of highway problems to the Council.

17 to 19 Dukes Avenue


Car Lot

View artists impression

Kingston Council Planning Application 17/14193


Planning Application for 17-19 Dukes Avenue was approved at the
Malden & Coombe Neighbourhood Committee held on 12
th September.
To see what has been passed read The full application link below. 
This development will have absolutely no parking provided as it is
deemed that adequate parking is available and obviously because
it is so near to the station and bus routes. There “might” be a provision,
however, that in the event of a CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) Scheme
eventually being put in place, owners/tenants would not be allowed to hold a permit. 
This will not, of course, prevent people living there owning a car!   

 The full Minutes of this Meeting are not yet published (24/9/2017)



UPDATE: We have managed to secure the help of Ed Davey MP
and will report our progress soon.

Drive Parking


This is quite a thorny problems, especially, of course, for those people
fortunate enough to have a driveway.   No-one at the present time seems
to want to take responsibility for removing offending vehicles.  
Our Committee is continuing its enquiries, both to the Council and to the Police,
to find out what redress the owner of the property has if his/her car is blocked in.  
For a fuller report, please read our previous entry.

New Malden Future Group

There has been some misinformation about this Group in the past.   A full listing of the members of the Group which come from the NM Residents’ Association, The Groves Association, the Community of New Malden Businesses and concerned residents, can be found HERE  This Group does not receive any money from the Council and, in fact, pays for printing and any other expenses from members’ own pockets.   We have worked with the Council, and residents, over the past two years to ensure that Cocks Crescent does not end up just another down at heel” town centre, that continues to blight so many of our towns and cities throughout the UK.  We, along with everyone else we imagine, hope that the Council does not go back on its word to continue working with residents on this project.    It is an opportunity for architecture and the building trade to do something that does not end up being blocks of flats with absolutely no design merits and which could overshadow existing buildings in the centre.   New Malden is not the most stunning small town in the UK - but we should be enhancing what we have and not using second rate development that continues to blight our country.  
Good design has got to be essential.


A3 - Illuminated Signs on the Malden Roundabout - UPDATE

Success.....persistence has paid off....

The Association's Chairperson has received confirmation
from Lal Bahadur of TfL (Transport for London) that these
illuminated signs that have blighted peoples' homes at night
will be turned off between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am
Surrey Comet press release

Please read our original article

Please read an article from Chessington Chat on this topic

A3 signs 3 A3 signs 3

Go Cycle - Update

Change the way


Another issue that is giving the Council, and residents, somewhat of a headache.  

At the present time, there is the New Malden to Raynes Park Cycle/Pedestrian 

route and Kingston Road - New Malden to Kingston town.  

Two members of the NMRA are meeting with Neil West (Project Manager, Go Cycle ) 

and Ben Addy of Sustrans on 11th October to discuss the latter route and also Crossrail 2. 

A full report of this meeting with be published on our website.

As far as the Kingston to New Malden route is concerned, there will be a stakeholder 

meeting in Autumn 2017 and after detailed design work is carried out, a report will

go to committee in Spring 2018.


Go Cycle consultations page

Go Cycle - The Route


  Crossrail 2 LoGo

New Malden and Crossrail 

So little has been heard about Crossrail 2 for over a year, perhaps you have forgotten about it. The journal Modern Railways for March 2017 contained a good factual article on the intentions. Start of work is not stated, but the complete CR2  is expected to open in 2033. It is considered that CR2 will promote or encourage the building of 200,000 homes, more in the North East, the Lea Valley, than here in the South-West. However Jockey Club Racecourses, which own Kempton Park Racecourse, intends to sell that racecourse to developers who intend building 3000 homes (Guardian and Daily Telegraph 10th January 2017), and Spelthorne Borough Council has expressed itself in favour.     Kempton Park is served by the Shepperton trains which also serve New Malden).  READ ON....

Crossrail 2 Map

Further reading







We are sure most people on their way to New Malden High Street will, at some time or another, have passed Heather and Terry’s house and stopped to admire their garden (their back garden is equally pretty).   This year, Heather and Terry came second in the Residential Garden section of the Kingston in Bloom competition.   So we would like to offer our congratulations on a garden that does make you stop and smile.   Heather and Terry have been members of our Residents’ Association since the word go - Well done to you both. 



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