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The approval of the Cocks Crescent supplementary planning document was the main agenda item at the Growth Committee on 23rd November. The good news is that a new Malden Centre, with a pool, is now definite. An amendment was also agreed, that a comprehensive master plan for the whole of the Cocks Crescent development area should be produced in close liaison with local residents, before any planning applications. The Future Group, which helped develop the planning document,  was founded two years ago after the 2014 SPD was considered "not fit for purpose."   It is made up of representatives of the NM Residents' Association, the Groves Association, a local architect, a retired planning officer and residents. There is a goodly amount of experience here, working with but also challenging the proposals put forward by the Council.   The next step is to agree the method of developing the site (e.g. jointly between the council and a developer), which we understand will come back to the committee in January.

There are of course still many concerns about the number of homes to be built, but the emphasis is now on a public space to enhance New Malden, with housing being the means of raising the funds to provide it.



Below has been extracted from the Cocks Crescent - Supplementary Planning Document ( SPD ) read in FULL

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Key changes include:
● Greater emphasis on the civic, community and leisure aspects of the proposals within the the SPD vision and overarching principles;
The Council’s commitment to deliver a new ‘community sport and wellbeing hub’, including a 25m swimming pool and other community/leisure uses. A new separate section has been included (‘The Malden Centre’) to focus on this issue;
● The Council’s commitment to deliver a new public square;
● Removal of the ‘Illustrative Masterplan’ and replacement with text describing the key relationships required between land uses as opposed to the spatial distribution of land uses;
● Greater emphasis on the need to respond sensitively to local character and neighbouring properties, as well as the safety of new public realm;
● Greater emphasis on the operational needs of local businesses; and
● Greater emphasis on New Malden High Street as a key place in the SPD area.





Air Quality - Test Results

The Association has had the results from Gradko Environmental Testing Laboratories:
The full report  commissioned by NMRA can be read  here.
Below are the locations - period of testing and the results in micrograms per cubic metre.
RBK's policy is not to exceed an annual mean of 40 micrograms/m3. Seven of our readings are near the annual permissible mean. 

The HIgh Street reading is clearly the worst at 51.75 micrograms: there is a margin of error on all samples so the reading could be
49.06 - 54.44. The Fountain and Burlington School are also poor. We are particularly concerned about Burlington, since the school
playground is there and air pollution has a particularly harmful effect on childrens lungs.
We plan to do some more data gathering in the new year.

LOCATION                                         PERIOD EXPOSED                      NITROGEN DIOXIDE
                                                                                                                    MICROGRAMS PER
                                                                                                                        CUBIC METRE


Hoppingwood Road                                          A                                              25.61

Lime Grove                                                        A                                              24.47

Elm Road                                                           A                                              24.39

Kingston Road/South Lane                             A                                              39.02

Bodley Road                                                     A                                              41.02

Fountain Roundabout                                      A                                              49.17

South Lane/Malden Road                                A                                              40.18

Burlington School                                            A                                              44.50

Blagdon Road/Beverley Road                         A                                              37.32

Blagdon Road / High Street                             B                                             51.75

A = 24th September till 21st October

B = 23rd September till 21st October




It all started with our members. Questions about Air Quality in and around New Malden were being raised more and more as winter was coming to an end and people were getting out and about. 

It took considerable organising but a public meeting was held with the eminent Prof. Frank Kelly, attended by our Members, Councillors, and James Berry MP. That was at the beginning of September, even before that meeting we were taking steps to obtain our own equipment in order for the Association to assess for itself, the state of the air we all breath daily.





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