What can be learned from the outcome of the Council meeting of 18th October 2016, at which the Council voted unanimously to scrap the Fountain Go Cycle scheme, in response to local protests?

NMRA was not against it in principle and we know that the junction needs changes to make it safer for all road users, particularly a pedestrian crossing on the Kingston Road. This might also help to even the traffic flows on the roundabout, since at present traffic from the right can make it difficult to get on to the roundabout from the High Street. But we were unable to support the scheme since we were not given the information we requested to assure us that the changes would help and not make things worse. Without information on projected traffic flows and air quality, for example, how could any of us make a truly informed response?

Areas of concern include:

  1. Information was sent to only part of New Malden- and the north of NM has been missed out of the next consultation as well.
  2. NMRA had difficulty in obtaining verifiable supporting evidence.
  3. Failure of the RBK Committee report to address all issues raised.
  4. Failure to include the independent report which analysed responses, including detailed written submissions from stakeholder organisations and key individuals.
  5. This independent report clearly revealed the consultation was based on an 'outline' proposal which was in its 'relative infancy' which was to 'be developed and refined in light of the comments received'.
  6. Failure to look at the bigger picture such as the development at Cocks Crescent, Crossrail 2, the proximity of the A3 and traffic congestion down to Worcester Park
  7.  Failure to address the concerns of vulnerable pedestrians, particularly people with visual problems.


Meaningful consultation needs better COMMUNICATION, particularly with people who have detailed local knowledge.

Meaningful consultation needs FULL ANSWERS to questions and issues raised by respondents.

Meaningful consultation means putting DOCUMENTS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN before a decision is made.

Meaningful consultation means WORKING WITH THE COMMUNITY to find the best scheme possible for all users.

Finally, New Malden residents expect at the very least that transport schemes affecting New Malden go before our Neighbourhood Committee for comments from our elected representatives.

We are very grateful that our councillors made this wise decision, and we look forward to participating more fully in future discussions. But it is disappointing that the next round of consultations, including Kingston Road, has again omitted residents north of the station from the distribution. Changes to major routes need wider consultation.



go cycle 20/10/16

Survey Closes 17th November 2016

Details of all three consultations

Kingston to New Malden Survey

Residents of New Malden can talk to the Go Cycle team about the proposals at either of these events

New Malden Library, Saturday 22 October, 11am – 3pm
AFC Wimbledon (Cherry Red Records Stadium, Main Function Suite)
422a Kingston Road - Kingston - KT1 3PB
Thursday 3 November, 4pm – 8pm






It all started with our members. Questions about Air Quality in and around New Malden were being raised more and more as winter was coming to an end and people were getting out and about. 

It took considerable organising but a public meeting was held with the eminent Prof. Frank Kelly, attended by our Members, Councillors, and James Berry MP. That was at the beginning of September, even before that meeting we were taking steps to obtain our own equipment in order for the Association to assess for itself, the state of the air we all breath daily.




21 st November saw the collection of the Air Testing Tubes

they will be returned to the laboratory for analysis. 

90 More on the Kingston Road

Yara 1

The Prince Of Wales pub on the corner of Dickerage and Kingston Road has
been acquired by Yara Students - a company specialising in providing
Luxury Student Accommodation.

In a letter sent to some local residents they state.

' Following a positive pre-application discussion with council officers,
Yara Students is proposing to submit a planning application for 90 high
quality managed student apartments that will transform the unoccupied
site and help meet an identified specialist housing need in the borough,
as well as deliver a boost to the local economy through increased
spending in local shops along the Kingston Road'.

If the application, as stated above is approved, that will bring the total to almost
700 student units on the Kingston Road.

I am sure you have some thoughts on this so please let us know.


Poppy L


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